Build a Safe Auburn for our neighbors and the children of our community by working together and closely with our local Police Department.  


Build our economy stronger by supporting our small businesses and creating business with family wage jobs. Work with our Green River Community College, Chamber of Commerce and our Muckleshoot Native Tribe to create a friendlier environment for Auburn by working the existing partners and neighboring cities letting everyone know we're open for business. 


We need better roads to have our products delivered to our business and keep our families and children safe. We know that there's no State and Federal money to repair our roads. We can't do it without revenue. We need to expand our tax base where it's being used efficiently within our city budget. 

Education and Diversity

Keep working with Green River Community College to expand the IT and Construction Fields programs where women and men can enroll. Keep working with our local school district for all student. Be an Advocate for our Diverse Auburn. Let them know that their voices are heard and issues addressed.

"I am always looking for a challenge and for ways to give back to my community and fellow citizens for all the blessings i have received throughout my life."- Yolanda